Monday, November 7, 2011

Northern Pike Fishing Tips
Tips and Strategies for Catching Trophy Pike

Northern Pike Fishing Tips


Every angler dreams of catching a trophy Northern Pike. These big game fish are known for their fight, and the way they can be lured easily. Northern Pike fishing is fun and a popular pastime. Some anglers would rather catch no fish than a Northern Pike, because although it is easy to get the fish’s attention with almost any lure, these big beauties will fight to the end.

Some of the best tips to remember for a successful fishing trip are...

- Pike like to follow. If you will fish for them in shallow waters, you can see where to put your lure. Bring it from behind the fish, slowly, to draw its attention. Watch the way the fish reacts to the lure. Take this reaction and decide from here how to get the fish to strike. Pike will follow right up to the boat, so don’t take your lure out too soon.

- Wear polarized sunglasses. Most folks fish for trophy pike in shallow waters. The best fishing for Northern Pike is believed by many to be in Manitoba, Canada. Fishing for Northern Pike there is year-round. You can fish for pike all year, though you will get Spring, Summer and Fall fishing in just three to four months. The rest of the year, the lakes are frozen. This gives a lot of time for ice fishing. Polarized glasses do more than protect your eyes from the sun’s glare off the water or ice. They allow you to see into the water you are fishing, making it easy to see which fish you want to try to catch.

- Use a strong rod. You need a rod that is medium to heavy action to get the biggest and best Northern Pike. You don’t want one that is a broomstick type; this type will not let you feel the movement of the fish, thus, you won’t know which way best to fight the fish into the boat.

- New, heavy test weight line. This should be obvious, but you don’t want to use last year’s line that you used for river trout on a big trophy Northern Pike. You need strong line that is not dry rotted, tangled or damaged by a season (or more) in your tackle box. That is a great way to lose your fish, and maybe your expensive rod, reel, and lures. If you wanted to lose them, you’d borrow them from your brother in law. Or your mother in law.

Northern Pike are some of the most exciting fish to catch. They like to follow lures and they are easy to grab the attention of; they are some of the best fighters around. These are all-around great fish both for beginners and for the avid trophy angler. They are some of the easiest fish to catch, yet they put up the best fight of any game fish around. Check out Lake Wasaiowaka and the Little Churchill in Manitoba, Canada. There are a few great fishing lodges located there, including Dunlop’s Fly-In Post and Fishing Lodge.

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