Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whenever you are fishing for pike a wire trace MUST be used. Even small pike have razor sharp teeth that will cut though ordinary line. For the safety of the pike, should it swallow your bait a little too deeply, your trace should be at least 15 inches (40cm) in length whether you are bait or lure fishing. With the ultrathin trace wires which are available today there is no need to drop below 30lb breaking strain. For speedy unhooking it is preferable that barbless, semi-barbed or crushed-barb hooks are used when bait fishing. Always use traces that have a good quality swivel for your line to be tied to, cheap swivels can break and a wire loop might cut through your line.
These days most tackle shops stock ready-made reliable traces constructed with top quality components that have been designed by experienced pike anglers. If you would prefer to make your own pike traces we can show you how. Or if you prefer to buy one ready-made, then why not try these from a PAC Approved Site. Click on the image to enter their site.

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