Monday, February 21, 2011


Micropterus salmoides
largemouth bass111 BASS SPECIES
Northern largemouth, black, green, bigmouth, mossback, cow, river and mud bass.
The short, chunky body of a largemouth makes these fish very capable of quick bursts of speed and great maneuverability.  This is  particularly helpful when pursuing prey as an adult or when escaping from predators when young.   The most noticeable physical feature of the largemouth bass is its huge mouth, hence its common nickname ‘bucketmouth.    Their color is usually dictated by their surroundings.  Color patterns vary from light to dark green or even olive to black.     This creates almost perfect camouflage to help protect the young while they hide in the weeds and to assist them in their unceasing hunt for prey.
Although the average largemouth bass caught by anglers weighs less than 3 pounds, this stocky fish provides a challenge, especially when it’s caught in the difficult environment full of snags like heavy weeds or woody cover.  And always keep in mind that you can catch MUCH bigger largies than that.     It is not at all uncommon to get fish over 5 lbs in the north and in the warmer climates they regularly go over 10 lbs.


22 pounds 4 ounces in Georgia USA.

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