Friday, December 24, 2010

Love V Fishing
Why fishing is better than making love:
* When you go fishing and you catch something, that’s good.
If you’re making love and you catch something, that’s bad.
* Fish don’t compare you to other fishermen neither.
And don’t want to know how many other fish you caught.
* In fishing you lie about the one that got away.
In loving you lie about the one you caught.
* You can catch and release a fish, you don’t have to lie, and promise to
still be friends after you let it go.
* You don’t necessarily have to change your line to keep catching fish.
* You can catch a fish on a 20-cent frozen squid.
If you want to catch a woman you’re talking dinner and a movie minimum.
* Fish don’t mind if you fall asleep in the middle of fishing.

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